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Evidence-based, cutting-edge dietary, microbiome, exercise, rehabilitation and endocrinology strategies for transforming health, sports performance, posture, mobility, aesthetics, cognition, immunity, longevity, happiness and well-being.

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NEWS FLASH: 9th-June-2021
We are excited to launch a dedicated online community forum for our research into:

ME/CFS, Chronic Diseases, Ageing & Cancer




While it's always enjoyable to move increasingly larger amounts of weight around inside the gym, arguably the best reason for obtaining and maintaining strength is the quality of life and freedom of movement outside of the gym that comes from these adaptations.

A key challenge is specificity vs available training time - your body adapts specifically to any physical challenges you give it, AKA "you gain what you train".
To achieve true strength, freedom of movement and prevent common injuries, your weekly training routine needs to comprehensively challenge your entire body, far beyond the scope that just a handful of popular "push/pull compound resistance exercises" will provide.

When combined with a balanced, personalised diet, optimal hormones and healthy microbiome, TM's systematic approach of "leaving no muscle behind" will rapidly allow true mastery over your body, achieve training break-throughs or prevent plateaus, unlock your untapped / hidden strengths and ranges of movement.
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This technological age has brought wonderful ways to connect us all together and made our lives exceptionally convenient.. however everything comes at a cost.

Our bodies are the same primitive biological miracles that evolved to reach the top of the food chain many thousands of years ago and consequently still expect the same daily intake of nutrients, symbiotic microbes and physical activity they adapted to thrive with, yet are commonly disconnected from, in this modern world.

To reclaim your health and happiness means understanding and giving your body all of the basic building blocks necessary for life and providing sufficient stimulation for your body to continue adapting each day. This doesn't mean forgoing modern conveniences - it's about maintaining the right life balance.

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Video-based online courses and 1:1 coaching / strategic consulting on health-related topics, including:

metabolic problem-solving and optimisation
sports, general and personalised nutrition and education
sports, competitive aesthetics and health-focused endocrinology

evidence-based, highly-efficient, sustainable and enjoyable fat loss

"closed loop" strategic dietary integration with wearable fitness trackers

"non-dietary" supplement strategies for health, performance and aesthetics

gut microbiome dysbiosis rehabilitation
posture, mobility, injury rehabilitation
competition preparation packages (IFBB)
general health and mysterious issue resolution

movement patterns / form correction for resistance exercises

exercise programs / weekly training plans / weekly splits

life coaching / mental health / eating disorders

Online Courses

Self-paced, unique lessons with quality educational material and content that will last you a lifetime.

Virtual Training

Based on your goals and current status, you'll receive a custom training program, with regularly scheduled feedback from your recorded exercise videos.

Virtual Coaching

Interactive consulting sessions are conducted via online video conferencing, emails and instant messenger.
[Limited spaces available.]

Information Packs

Succinct, printable guides with citations included, on niche health topics, filled with actionable material you can implement today.

RECENT CLIENTS / Testimonials

"Mr B" - aged 52

[May 30th, 2020 - October 10th, 2020]

Mr B's goals were to restore his health, vitality and body composition to a level where he could compete in aesthetic bodybuilding competitions, in a very limited time-frame.

He previously had an extensive background in health, fitness and bodybuilding and was fully committed to achieving his goals, making him an ideal coaching client.

We worked with Mr B's requirements to provide a highly strategic, timed diet plan, which also incorporated specific food item bio-hacks and some obscure, highly researched "pseudo-pharmaceutical" plant extracts that modified his body's muscle mass regulation, lipolysis and lipogenesis pathways, then carefully combined these adaptation opportunities with a matching training schedule.

Mr B was also provided niche educational advice on endocrinology strategies based on interpretation of his blood test results, which also improved dramatically over the 18 week period, while he consistently and enjoyably followed the whole program. 

A key part of his experience included ongoing, regular discussions, check-ins and value-added health improvements around remediating old injuries and other pre-existing conditions.

Mr B's consistency and adherence to his coaching program has allowed him to more than just exceed his transformation expectations - he recaptured his youth in the process. With 8 more weeks available before his scheduled competition, there is now ample time to 'sharpen the pencil', focusing on additional training adaptations and competition-specific preparation.


May 30 2020


September 10 2020


October 10 2020


October 10 2020


October 10 2020


October 10 2020


It’s about data. Lots of data. It’s also about people and human nature.

The general excitement around Diet, Fitness and Wellness fad topics, coupled with decades of fad “health myths”, unscrupulous marketing and substandard research has created an unacceptable number of myths, misconceptions and blatant falsehoods, which cast a huge cloud over the entire industry, hampering progress and research efforts.

The “noise” far exceeds the “signal”. This means making progress can be frustrating, as you don’t know how to move forward with any confidence.. or you do have confidence in something and it turns out to be another dead end and waste of time and money.

There are so many opinions and so much “low-quality data” available that it would take many years, full-time, of meticulous collaborative sifting through the literature to test and identify what is real, what is not, what actually works, why it works, how it works, what downsides it may have and then putting all this data together in an actionable, robust way for consistent, enjoyable results.. so that’s exactly what we’ve done.

We are data-driven. If something has merits, limitations and/or interactions, identifying precisely what those are allows for confident and robust use or inclusion, when defining and applying a personalised strategy around your wellness goals.

This is our key point of difference and why our clients achieve unique results.
All advice is evidence-based and backed by citations to reputable scientific literature.
Save time, money, pain and hassle by getting the right advice, the first time. Guaranteed.
We walk the talk. The strategies provided here are used and thoroughly enjoyed by our research group.
Completely confidential service, trusted by thousands of clients worldwide.


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